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Guarda wallet

The app provides you an innovative easy-to-use interface to interact with Ethereum Classic Blockchain. ETC wallet allows you to easily manage your funds. Even more, it supports coins purchase with a banking card and has a built-in exchange with a dozen of altcoins.

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Guarda Ethereum Classic

Guarda Ethereum Classic Wallet provides a secure way to store ETC assets and keep the funds safe. The user’s private key is kept secure and stored in the internal device data storage while not transmitted away from the wallet itself.

The wallet supports Tokens, the users are able to buy/send/receive Tokens over Ethereum Classic blockchain.

There are two ways of transactions mode: the payment will be implemented through either GAS mode embedded in Ethereum blockchain or a flat fee. The transactions are made using different blockchain addresses, including IBAN.

The Guarda wallet operates with a set of secure blockchain nodes to guarantee the stability of the system performance.



You have 100% control over your funds. Bulletproof SSL rating.



Transaction appears in blockchain in less then a second.

Customer oriented

Customer oriented

Clean design to provide best customer experience.

Built-in Exchange

Built-in Exchange

Managing crypto is a complicated story.

Get your Ethereum Classic

Start your own guarded experience with your mobile app

guarda app storeguarda app store
Choose your wallet

Every currency is unique and has its own selling points. Choose the one you love and secure it with the best mobile solution.

The app has a consistent and simple design that is the hallmark of Guarda apps. Ethereum wallet allows to manage ERC20 Tokens, supports smart contracts, gas limit & fee transaction modes. It has also a built-in exchange with a dozen of altcoins. Stay in full control of your private keys and assets. Start your own guarded experience with your mobile app.

Download Ethereum Wallet:
guarda app storeguarda app store

Supported cryptocurrencies

Collaborated with foundations

Ethereum Classic

Reffered as official Android wallet on Ethereum Classic  website


Granted  by ZCash foundation for SPV wallet and library development


Developers of Decent
mobile library

Bitcoin Gold

Mentioned as "invaluable to our community" by BTG founders

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