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Guarda is a light wallet

for Top Blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum and lots more

High-level Security

Guarda never processes or holds customers funds and cannot in any way access customers funds.

Send and Receive

Consistent design built in accordance with guidelines reveals the benefits of crypto: fast, safe and easy transactions.

Built-in Exchange

Managing crypto is a complicated story. Guarda allows the customers swap their coins with each other at the best rate.

Fast and Clean

Intuitive interface helps newcomers to plunge as deep as they want to the blockchain avoiding geeky tools.

4.5 ETH
2336.4 USD
Choose your wallet

Every currency is unique and has its own selling points. Choose the one you love and secure it with the best mobile solution.

The app has a consistent and simple design that is the hallmark of Guarda apps. Ethereum wallet allows to manage ERC20 Tokens, supports smart contracts, gas limit & fee transaction modes. It has also a built-in exchange with a dozen of altcoins. Stay in full control of your private keys and assets. Start your own guarded experience with your mobile app.

Download Ethereum Wallet:
guarda app storeguarda app store
Ethereum Classic Team
ETC on the Google play. Thnks Guarda!
8:20 am

Supported by foundations

Ethereum Classic

Reffered as official Android wallet on Ethereum Classic  website


Granted  by ZCash foundation for SPV wallet and library development


Developers of Decent mobile library

Bitcoin Gold

Mentioned as «invaluable to our community» by Bitcoin Gold founders


Guarda is not only a wallet, it thrives to help users with their whole cryptocurrency experience.

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FEB, 21 2018
BREAKING: Guarda Ethereum Wallet is now on AppStore!