Guarda Mobile Multiwallet

A BTC wallet, an ETH wallet, all of them with different keys and specifications. Such a drag! Guarda is here to solve the daily multitasking issue – store all your currencies in one light application and access them instantly.

Guarda Multi wallet

Multitasking made easy

Mobile Multiwallet is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, safety and performance

Just one wallet

Store a variety of cryptocurrencies in one easily accessible place

Maximum security

Encrypted backup for extra safety

You are in charge

Guarda wallets do not store the user's personal information

Pocket exchange

Swap any coins and tokens inside the applications

Instant transfers

Make fast transactions wallet-to-wallet

Simplicity in use

No registration required to start using the app

Supported coins

VeChain TokenVEN
MakerMKR $ 404 M
0x Protocol TokenZRX
Basic Attention TokenBAT
All ERC-20 tokens are supported

Wallet available everywhere

The wallet and the transaction history is available on any device. Restore the wallets, check the transactions or manage coins anywhere, at any time.

The wallet backup gets conveniently synchronised on multiple devices. To eliminate all the possible threats, the fresh data is available in the most recent backup.

Wallet available everywhere
Wallet available everywhere

Check all Guarda wallets in open-source

All our single-currency wallets are available in open-source. We value transparency and want all our users to know that Guarda has nothing to hide.