How to claim Callisto tokens? Explaining with Guarda wallet

Many ETC adopters are looking forward to Callisto airdrop, which would result in 1:1 ratio CLO token distribution. Guarda Team has just launched a mobile light wallet for Callisto to provide Ethereum Classic and Callisto enthusiasts with an opportunity to easily and quickly get CLO after the fork.

Follow us as we introduce you to Callisto and describe how you can smoothly claim your free CLO tokens with Guarda mobile wallet.

What is Callisto?

Callisto or Callisto Network Project is a hard fork of Ethereum Classic with its own blockchain based on Ethereum protocol and own crypto tokens. The main enhancement that Callisto is looking to bring in comparison with Ethereum Classic is its so-called Cold stacking protocol that gives remuneration to token holders for being a part of the network.

Simply said, those who hold CLO tokens on their accounts long enough (at least 1 month), earn interest from Callisto emission over time.

Callisto airdrop

The first Callisto tokens produced will be distributed among Ethereum Classic holders. The number will be calculated according to the snapshot of ETC blockchain taken at the block 5500000 which is predicted to be mined approximately on March 5.

It means that when this block is reached, the system will make a one-time copy of all ETC balances on every wallet. As soon as Callisto blockchain is formed, those who were holding ETC tokens at the time of the snapshot will receive the equivalent number of CLO tokens.

How to claim Callisto with Guarda Callisto Wallet

If you have Guarda Ethereum Classic wallet installed and hold tokens there at the moment of the blockchain snapshot (approximately 5th of March), you are entitled to get your Callisto tokens via Guarda Callisto light wallet. It can be achieved in several easy steps:

  1. Install Guarda Callisto Wallet
  2. When launching the application, choose the option “Login from Backup”
  3. Copy the private key of your Guarda ETC wallet where you were holding ETC tokens at the moment of the snapshot.
  4. Paste it into the corresponding field in Callisto Wallet.
  5. Enjoy your CLO tokens!

After you perform the described actions, you will be able to see your Callisto balance. As soon as CLO mainnet is launched, you will be able to transfer the tokens and when the token is listed at an exchange, you will be able to see the price of your tokens.