Manage more than 240 ERC20 tokens in one app with Guarda Ethereum Wallet

The recent boom in ICO blockchain startups has made the term of ERC20 tokens widely spread and you’ve certainly heard about them.

What are ERC20 tokens?

ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments) is an official protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum network, while ’20’ is the unique proposal ID number. ERC20 is a standard that should be applied for each token that is based on the Ethereum network. The same as cryptocurrency all tokens have value and can be sent and received. The main difference between tokens and cryptocurrency coins is that ERC20 tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain, hosted by ETH addresses, sent by ETH transactions, also tokens cannot be mined.

Searching where to manage your tokens? Guarda is ready to help you!

There are a lot of ETH wallets available, but not all of them support ERC20 tokens transactions. To easily manage your ERC20 tokens we recommend you to use Guarda Ethereum Wallet application.

Guarda provides you highly secure and easy-to-use solution to manage ERC20 tokens all in one Ethereum wallet application. Unlike many other wallets available on the Net, our token list currently updates to provide you a wide range of tokens. At the moment our ETH wallet supports more than 240 ERC20 tokens.

Guarda Ethereum wallet has an intuitive interface to easily view, send and receive tokens that you prefer. With our wallet, you are able to manage all your tokens on your mobile device all in one app. Even more, you may purchase tokens with your bank card through our in-app purchase option.

Guarda provides you full user-control of your wallet and funds. With our highly secure solution, you may be sure that you are the only person, who has the access to your wallet. As a light wallet application, we do not require any personal information for the wallet creation, we do not store user’s private keys and do not have access to the wallet and funds.

Time to manage your ERC20 tokens in Guarda Ethereum Wallet!

Stay in touch with our news, soon we will post an instruction for tokens management through our app!