Guarda presents a new blockchain infrastructure approach

Guarda is glad to announce you the launch of our Blockchain Platform. Our team is constantly working to provide the best crypto-experience to our customers. We offer our clients an innovative cryptocurrency infrastructure solutions, which consist of a set of mobile applications and web-based services.

With Guarda, you may choose the best solution that fits all your needs and requirements. If you prefer to manage you crypto coins on your mobile device we offer you a pool of Guarda mobile light wallet applications. With Guarda web-based services, you will be able to manage your cryptocurrency on every device you want, you’ll only need to have the access to the Internet.

Guarda Mobile Light Wallet Applications

Guarda Wallet apps are Android light wallets designed to store, manage, send and receive cryptocurrency.

With Guarda, you remain in control of your keys at all times, and your funds cannot be used by anyone else. Unlike other mobile wallets, the keys to your funds are secured and encrypted on your own device.

Even more, in Guarda wallet apps you are able to purchase Tokens with a banking card and swap coins between each other with no limits and at the best market rate using our built-in Exchange.

We have already provided on the market six android light app wallets:

  • Guarda Bitcoin Wallet
  • Guarda Bitcoin Gold
  • Guarda Super Bitcoin
  • Guarda Ethereum Wallet
  • Guarda Ethereum Classic
  • Guarda Decent Wallet

Guarda Exchange

Guarda Exchange service allows you to smoothly shift your assets from one coin to another without registrations, limits and verification approvals. We provide you the most powerful tool to avoid high rates and tedious waits. Our Exchange service supports more than 50 altcoins.

Many ongoing features are planned to be realized on Guarda Blockchain Platform soon.

Guarda Web-based Cryptocurrency Purchase will provide you an easy-to-use interface to simply purchase coins with a banking card through our website and securely store them in Guarda Mobile and Web wallets.

Even more, Guarda team is planning to release branded prepaid banking cards. Your funds will be ready to convert into local currency and spent at all the spots where Banking Cards are accepted. Be among the first to adopt all benefits from cutting-edge technologies in one place: the power of intermediate-free decentralized economy and widely spread acceptance of International Payment Systems.

Guarda is well known for mobile light wallet applications for Android, but soon we plan to release Guarda Web wallets. You will be able to manage your cryptocurrency funds on every device you want, you’ll only need to have the access to the Internet. Even more, they will be highly secured and you may be sure that you are the only person, who is able to manage your funds.

The launch of Guarda Blockchain Platform is an important milestone for Guarda Co. Our team is constantly working to provide best crypto experience for our users. In a short period of time Guarda team has achieved incredible progress. From one mobile light wallet application Guarda has grown to a complete blockchain infrastructure ready to meet all the community needs and requirements.

Stay in touch with our news, it’s just the beginning.