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Why Guarda

Being a light non-custodial multicurrency wallet, Guarda supports the most popular coins and tokens, including XRP.
To use our Ripple wallet, a client does not have to create an account on Guarda.
Having a top-notch security is one of our main principles, so we do not store any personal data of pur users. When you use Guarda, you can be sure to be the only one to keep your keys.

Guarda is designed as an interface to give our clients an opportunity to manage all of their assets in one place and securely interact with the blockchains of featured coins and tokens.

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Everything you need to know about Ripple XRP

RippleNet is a network focusing on institutionalised payment solutions. The developmental achievements of Ripple team are aimed at providing banks and money transfer services seamless experience of worldwide value transfers.
The platform allows making payments in any currency, including crypto with a minimal commission (that is just meant to help to prevent attacks on the network). The story of Ripple started in 2013, with Jed McCaleb inviting major investors to put their money into Ripple Labs development. Starting with the help of the Angel investors in 2013, Ripple started growing.

We are used to the world where cryptocurrencies have their own blockchain. This is, however, not a case for Ripple. To verify the transactions no the network, Ripple uses the specially designed, and patented, tool – Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA). All the nodes need to be in agreement with each other – until they are, no decision can be made.

Ripple XRP cryptocurrency

Ripple XRP wallet:

Ripple XRP is a token that is designed to represent the above-mentioned transfer of value across the network. Basically, XRP is a mediator for the exchanges. This token is quite a shapeshifting entity that can represent various currencies. To understand how Ripple works better, we will provide an example: You want to swap your British pounds to Dollars. XRP can represent both sides of the exchange to make the commission almost nonexistent (Ripple fee is $0.00001) After the transaction is done, the fee amount vanished from the network forever.

Ripple cryptocurrency has a great advantage because of its transaction speed. Sure, if you compare any crypto with traditional bank transfers, cryptocurrencies will win with their general processing speed. However, XRP manages to score even when compared to the other popular crypto coins. Ripple manages to cut transaction times more than in half (compared to some of the competitors). Great advantage on the ever-growing market for sure. Another major benefit is Ripple’s capacity of making up to 1500 transactions per second. It allows reaching maximum fluidity when managing large transfers, literally anywhere in the world.

There is no Ripple mining, as 100.000 million XRP were issued by the developers of this crypto – this amount of coins will remain unchanged.

Why is Ripple Useful?

Ripple helps to solve several issues of the modern banking system, including:

Expensive currency exchanges. There is a wide range of currencies that cannot be directly converted into one another. In the case of exchanges like this, banks need to use USD as a mediator – this is an expensive way, as the double commission is present. Using Ripple as a mediator for exchanges is much cheaper.

Slow international transactions. Bank transfers may take a while when performed internationally. Bitcoin transactions may take a couple of hours. Ripple solves this problem with the average transaction time of 4 seconds.

Inability to vary. With Ripple, users can issue their own currencies designed for specific needs. If you want to have the Baguette Dollar created just for purchasing fresh bread from your friendly local merchant – go for it!

Market CapMax SupplyCirculating SupplyWhitepaperTwitterWebsite
$12,688,372,313 USD100,000,000,00041,400,000,

Ripple XRP wallet


XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the current market. Hence, the users need to think of a secure Ripple wallet to hold their coins in. Ripple XRP is supported by all the major wallet providers, but it makes the choice of the right wallet even more difficult for the users – this is exactly where Guarda Ripple wallet steps in. We offer the best Ripple wallet experience with the ability to store Ripple on multiple platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile and Chrome Extension), exchange XRP right within the wallet and buy Ripple with the use of bank cards of Guarda’s website.

How to buy Ripple XRP?

Ripple is an unmineable token. 100 billion tokens were created at the very beginning of the project. However, not all of them are in circulation yet. Everyone has most probably heard of the major Ripple price jump in 2017 – this is pretty much where the hype has started. As for now, Ripple XRP is present on the majority of the big exchange platforms. For those willing to buy XRP, there are two ways to do it.

How to buy Ripple with fiat?


Ripple XRP can be exchanged for fiat money on Guarda’s website. To buy XRP for Dollars or Euro, you will need to go to the Services section on Guarda and select Buy Crypto. Everything that is needed for Ripple purchase on Guarda is the card number and some basic information for the free of charge account.

How to exchange Ripple XRP?

You can buy Ripple with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies right within your Guarda wallet. For this, you will need to set up a wallet that can hold the crypto you would like to exchange for Ripple. Once you have a wallet, choose the Exchange function and select the amount of cryptocurrency for the exchange. Exchanging cryptocurrency within the wallet is a safer option for the users and is performed faster.

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How to store Ripple XRP?

Best Ripple wallet

Most wallets offer their support for Ripple XRP cryptocurrency. Due to this, the users need to be cautious when choosing the right crypto wallet for their coins. First of all, there are some essential rules for finding the best XRP wallet :

1. When choosing a wallet, it is better to turn to non-custodial services. Free of custody wallets are a way for users to fully control their funds and personal information. You can read more on the benefits of non-custodial crypto wallets in our blog post . Security is what we all seek, after all.
2. Pay attention to the functionality of the wallet. The best Ripple XRP wallets are the ones offering multiple features – fast exchanges, cryptocurrency purchases and more.
3. Check the wallet’s social networks and general activity. When it comes to communication, it is better to find a wallet that is ready to answer the user’s questions. When it comes to Guarda, you can stay tuned for the updates and the essential information through:
4. Find out more on the wallet’s support. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, you may stumble on lots of questions in need of an answer. The more efficient the support line is, the better. Guarda’s support line is one of the fastest currently offered – our specialists answer with the maximum response time of 5 minutes. No more waiting! You can also check all the information on the wallets in our Support’s Freshdesk.

How to Open a Ripple Wallet

Guarda Ripple wallet provides the users with the easiness of the lightweight wallet along with the enhanced security levels. All you need to do to start using your new XRP wallet is download (in case of Desktop or Mobile versions) or set up the storage. After the installation, you can store, send, receive and exchange Ripple XRP in a few clicks.

Download Guarda wallet:

Set up a Ripple XRP wallet – Step by Step Guide

To start managing your cryptocurrency on Guarda, you can set up a Ripple XRP Web wallet first. Our Web wallet is a user-friendly service perfect for daily XRP management. Setting up your Ripple wallet on Guarda is be completed in just a few easy steps. Check out our Youtube Guide on creating a Web wallet:

1. On the main page of Guarda’s Website , select Create Wallet On the welcome screen, proceed with choosing to create a new wallet on Guarda

2. Think of a secure password for your wallet – type it in and repeat. Memorise the password or write it down. All the passwords are better to be kept offline as a security measure. Note: Guarda is a non-custodial wallet and we do not store the private information of our users. You are the only person in charge of your password.

3. Download your backup during the next step – the backup is an essential part of your Ripple wallet, so make sure to keep it safe and out of the public eye. Your Ripple wallet is ready to use! All you need to do now is send or buy some XRP!

4. For more information on Guarda XRP wallet, check out our blog tutorial

Ripple Mobile wallet

For those who are willing to manage their cryptocurrency on the go, Guarda wallet offers the Mobile storing solutions.
Guarda XRP wallet app is multi-functional, multi-platform crypto storage that is a great option for the users preferring having their crypto coins and token always in reach.
The backup of the Mobile XRP wallet is encrypted stored securely on the device and the private key is always in your possession. Your keys = your crypto!

Ripple Facts

Ripple is not the official name of the cryptocurrency – the token’s name is XRP Ripple XRP is unmineable – 100 billion XRP was launched by the company with about 40% of them in circulation now. XRP is much more environmentally friendly than the PoW as it does not require the immense amount of electricity for mining. The use cases of the Ripple network is what differs the company’s approach to the blockchain. All of the facts can be checked on the official website Ripple partners with universities to help the blockchain ecosystem grow Ripple has 3 products in the line, but only one them is using the XRP token
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