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Guarda wallet

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Guarda exchange service allows you to smoothly shift your assets from one coin to another without registrations, limits and verification approvals. We provide you the most powerful tool to avoid high rates and tedious waits.

You send
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1 ETH ~ BTC Exchange rate (expected)
You get
Guarda Exchange

We select the market with the best rate and make your exchange there.

No Limits

No Limits

Exchange as much coins as you want. We are not going to make any restrictions.



No sign in, we dont collect you personal data.



We pick the best rates and show all the fees before you exchange.

What our customers say on

I'm ETC user, found out the guarda app on the etc official web. Love the interface and the idea to stay private key on the device
JJ Palmer
Support service is super! Thank You!!! Eugene Ives - help to understand. All quickly, simply and clear ! Purse is very convenient and reliable - I recommend! Thanks again for the quick answers. You are super, well done!
Andrew D.
Great wallet easy to use!, web service very easy and clean! Customer service is amazing, i transferred 100 callisto coins to my ethereum address by mistake, there support team was quick and...
Matthew S.
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