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Why Guarda

Guarda Wallet is a multicurrency non-custodial light wallet. We support the most popular coins and tokens, and Ethereum Classic is one of them. It is easy to use, you don’t even need to create an account and you can feel secure about your ETC coins –we do not store any of the users’ personal data.

Guarda was designed as an interface where clients can manage, store, transfer, and receive coins and tokens.

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What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum Classic Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform for managing smart contracts which was developed by a Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin in 2013. The Ethereum mainnet, however, was launched only in 2015. Implemented as a virtual machine (EVM) and an open source platform, Ethereum simplifies the blockchain adoption worldwide. Ethereum’s goal is to enable developers to run their own decentralized applications (DApps) with the help of an open distributed network.

Ethereum Classic vs. Ethereum (ETC vs. ETH)

Ethereum project is definitely quite similar to ETC, but there are some key differences between these two crypto giants. First of all, we should say that it is Ethereum, not ETC functioning on the new blockchain.

So, ETC is actually the original Ethereum. ETH runs on the same protocol as ETH but has different functions and community. Ethereum is more of a software development company that is focused on growing and expanding its blockchain-based ecosystem. Ethereum Classic, on the other hand, has value due to the trading market activity.

Surely it can be added that both ETC and ETH are noteworthy projects. However, it is hard to skip the fact that power is currently on the ETH side with the insane Ethereum market cap.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Cryptocurrency

Ethereum Classic network is fueled by its native cryptocurrency – ETC or Classic Ether. When it comes to ETC price predictions, there is really not that much we can tell besides the fact that Ethereum Classic was growing quite rapidly during its starting times. The holders can always monitor the Ethereum Classic news and charts on our blog or wallet widgets.

Total SupplyGenesis DateBlock TimeWebsiteGitHub
230 MillionJuly 30, 201512

Ethereum Classic Wallet


There are many crypto wallets offering Ethereum Classic support. When the competition is so rough, the users often have a hard time deciding upon a wallet they should use. Guarda Wallet team came up with several criteria for choosing the best Ethereum Classic wallet. First of all, you should be sure of wallet security. We advise turning to non-custodial ETC wallets. Being the only owner of your private keys and not sharing your personal information with any third-parties is very important in enhancing the safety of your funds. All the versions of the Guarda wallet are custody-free and protected with special encryption mechanisms. It is our focus to keep your ETC safe! Secondly, you should choose a wallet that gives you management options. Guards wallets are available on multiple platforms, support over 45 blockchains and more than 10k tokens (including Ethereum Classic tokens) and have various features making your crypto life easier. Give it a try now!

  1. Ethereum Classic Web wallet
  2. Desktop Wallet for Ethereum Classic
  3. Ethereum Classic Mobile Wallet (iOS and Android)
  4. Chrome Extension Wallet for ETC

How to buy Ethereum Classic?

After getting a Classic wallet , you can think of the possibilities of buying ETC. As this crypto coin is listed on a vast majority of exchanging services, all you will need to do is make a choice in between the two usual cryptocurrency purchase options.
If you are new to the cryptocurrency space, you might want to buy ETC with fiat. There are many services you can use for this, but the main point is choosing the platform you trust. This is where Guarda wallets step in. Cryptocurrency purchases for fiat can be performed within all the version of our wallets. All you need to do to buy Ethereum Classic on Guarda is set up the wallet version of your choice and select Buy Crypto. You will proceed to buy ETC with your bank card right away.

Exchange Ethereum Classic

Besides buying cryptocurrency for fiat, you can get ETC with the crypto coins you already own. As we have already mentioned before, ETC is a popular coin that has been embraced by the majority of cryptocurrency exchange services. Our wallets, too, grant users an opportunity to swap cryptocurrency instantly and smoothly via the built-in exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges on Guarda are performed in a couple of clicks – you need to choose a wallet you would like to use for a swap and press Exchange (the button is present on the list above). The exchanges are provided by our long-term partners – ChangeNOW and CoinSwitch .

ChangeNOW button

How to create an Ethereum Classic Wallet

Creating an Ethereum Classic Web wallet on Guarda is very simple. Just as we promised, just 4 easy steps are needed to start using your brand-new cryptocurrency storage. Here is a setp-by-step tutprial on how to set up your first ETC wallet.

1. On the main page of Guarda’s Website , select Create Wallet
2. After being redirected to the welcome After being redirected to the Welcome Screen , proceed with choosing to Create a New Wallet
3. Think of a strong password to protect your funds with. Guarda Wallets are non-custodial, so make sure that your passwords and backups are out of the public eye. You are the only owner of your data!
4. Download your backup. We suggest storing it offline is a place that you know is completely safe.
5. You ETC wallet is now ready to rock! Store, send, receive and exchange Ethereum Classic freely and securely.

ETC Mobile Wallet

You can download Ethereum Classic wallet in AppStore and GooglePlay . Mobile crypto wallets are great for daily cryptocurrency management. If you want to have access to your ETC on the run, get our applications! Guarda mobile wallets are equally functional to the Web and Desktop versions. All you need to do to start managing your funds is to create a password and download the wallet backup.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Facts

With Ethereum Classic, you can develop DApps based on smart contracts In Ethereum Classic blockchain, members have the right to create their own tokens. One of the ETC areas of interest is the Internet of Things. Due to the fact that the system has often been attacked, it is now very stable and robust.
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