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What is Tezos?


Tezos is a dark horse on the cryptocurrency market. After bold announcements in 2014, everybody was thrilled to see what Tezos is and how it could revolutionise the world. Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, the creators, both have a hefty background in blockchain and marketing. They were able to assemble an impressive team of developers and held the most successful ICO in history: Tezos ICO attracted $232 million worth of funds which made Tezos market cap the biggest market capitalization of an unissued cryptocurrency. Tezos Coinmarketcap rank speaks for itself.

To put things simply, Tezos Foundation is a blockchain platform (just as Ethereum and a plethora of others) made to create smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). It doesn’t sound revolutionary because the new thing here is how this platform is run and by whom. The core point of the project is to give Tezos token holders ability to govern the direction of its development completely. One might think that too much development is bad for a blockchain as it will inevitably lead to a hard fork, right? Here comes the second revolutionary Tezos feature: self-amending properties. Any parameter of the Tezos protocol could be changed at any time which will allow project processes to grow exponentially and eliminate any need of forks that split network in two.

To archive consensus, Tezos use a delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm that is highly energy efficient and allows to mine virtually. Unlike other projects, Tezos algorithm doesn’t have an upper limit to the number of delegates which make the governing system easier and more efficient.

As always, a good idea cannot be carried out quickly. The foundation faced several legal suits, Tezos launch day was delayed several times, and the coin, tezzy, hadn’t been issued until July 1, 2018. Under such pressure, Tezos price has wavered a few times but it didn’t have any major impact on the Tezos future.

Currently, Tezos network is fully functioning, you can mine (bake!), buy, and exchange your Tezos coins on many platforms, including highly convenient Guarda. Enjoy full accessibility of your funds on Guarda Mobile, Web, Desktop Tezos wallet and even with Guarda Chrome extension!


Is It Secure?

It is considered to be one of the safest projects out there. Tezos uses its own language for smart contracts. It allows ratifying the security of a contract mathematically proving it which lays one more layer of protection over the project. On top of that, with its self-amending algorithm, any mistake in the network can be corrected in the shortest time.

You Should Know

  • delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm is also called Liquid Proof-of-Stake
  • mining is called baking in Tezos community

Why Guarda

Guarda Wallet is a multicurrency non-custodial light wallet. We support the most popular coins and tokens, and Tezos is one of them! It is easy to use, you don’t even need to create an account and you can feel secure about your coin – we don’t store any of the user’s personal data. Guarda was designed as an interface where clients can manage, store, transfer and receive coins and tokens.

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