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What is Ripple?


Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency that is different from all other coins, as it’s not only a cryptocurrency, but a whole digital payment network, or a “real-time gross settlement system”. It is open source. Ripple is sometimes called “the cryptocurrency of banks”, as it’s principle goal is to make the traditional banking system faster and more efficient. It’s already used by world-known financial institutions, since it can send and receive money at a speed of 5-10 seconds.

Nowadays, most of the transfers between financial institutions are still made using the SWIFT system. This mechanism is generally quite outdated – tre processing times are slow and it takes a lot of work to maintain it. That system is exactly what Ripple is going for. It can be said that the main goal of this coin is ire-thinking traditional value transfers.

For years Ripple network has been collaborating with well-known international banks and financial institutions – Santander, Bank of America, BBVA and many others. More recently, Ripple has made an agreement with American Express to create a payment gateway based on Blockchain.

Ripple is not considered as a fully decentralized cryptocurrency, since it has a strong dependence on the entity that manages it.

Ripple cryptocurrency has a great advantage because of its transaction speed. Sure, if you compare any crypto with traditional bank transfers, cryptocurrencies will win with their general processing speed. However, XRP manages to score even when compared to the other popular crypto coins. Ripple manages to cut transaction times more than in half (compared to some of the competitors). Great advantage on the ever-growing market for sure. Another major benefit is Ripple’s capacity of making up to 1500 transactions per second. It allows reaching maximum fluidity when managing large transfers, literally anywhere in the world.

There is no Ripple mining, as 100.000 million XRP were issued by the developers of this crypto – this amount of coins will remain unchanged.

Where to buy Ripple?

Ripple is a popular cryptocurrency with growing fanbase. Due to this, users can buy Ripple on majority of big cryptocurrency exchange platforms and, of course in Guarda Wallet built-in exchange. All you need to do for purchasing Ripple is getting Guarda Ripple Wallet and using its functions to check the current Ripple price and pick a suitable pair.


Is It Secure?

The above-mentioned advantages of Ripple along great expectations of its followers have persuaded such giants like Google to invest millions of dollars in XRP market.

There are already more than 50 companies that use Ripple, namely: BBVA, SEB, Star One Credit Union and more, making it reliable both for old and new users.

You Should Know

  • The XRP ledger has reserve requirements to protect their global ledger from spam or malicious usage.
  • The Ripple ledger requires a base reserve to open a Ripple account for 20 XRP.

Why Guarda

Being a light non-custodial multicurrency wallet, Guarda supports the most popular coins and tokens, including XRP.

To use our Ripple wallet, a client does not have to create an account on Guarda.

Having a top-notch security is one of our main principles, so we do not store any personal data of pur users. When you use Guarda, you can be sure to be the only one to keep your keys.

Guarda is designed as an interface to give our clients an opportunity to manage all of their assets in one place and securely interact with the blockchains of featured coins and tokens.

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