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BitTorrent BTT | Everything you need to know

BitTorrent plays a huge role in the recent crypto world and does that for a reason. Newly launched TRON based cryptographic token called BitTorrent (BTT) by BitTorrent Foundation is perhaps the most successful crypto project in 2019 Q1. BitTorrent Inc offered the first 59.4B of BTT tokens to be sold on Binance launchpad and in just under 15 minutes they were completely wiped out! (more…)

Callisto Network Interview
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Callisto Network Interview | Guarda Awareness Project

Welcome to Guarda Crypto Awareness project!

In the span of the next several months, we would like to get our community maximally acquainted with the blockchain-related companies we are working with. We want to make the blockchain comfortable for you, this is why we invite the representatives of crypto networks, wallets, exchanges and even magazines to chat with us a little bit.   (more…)

Best Ethereum Wallet
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Best Ethereum Wallet | ETH Wallets Review

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform that revolutionized the blockchain system. Its algorithm works in a way that allows not only processing given code but also creating new operations. That’s how Ethereum makes it possible to make decentralized applications (dApps) using its platform. So, Ethereum is much more than a simple currency, it’s a tool. For the people who are interested in ETH solely for investment purposes though, we have prepared this Ethereum wallets review. Hopefully, it will help you to find the best Ethereum wallet for managing your funds. (more…)

Best Bitcoin Wallet
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Best Bitcoin Wallet | BTC wallet review

What is Bitcoin?

It is hard to believe that one might know about the blockchain market at all and not know about Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency that has ever been created and right now it is almost legendary. There is a great deal of information solving the question of what is the best bitcoin wallet and which bitcoin wallet to use. But the more information there is the easier it is to get lost, right? This article is meant to navigate you through the top BTC wallets out there and explain how to create a Bitcoin wallet and maintain it. (more…)