TRON Bandwidth points
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What is TRON Bandwidth and How Does It Work?

What is TRON?

TRON is an ambitious project committed to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers base public blockchain support of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem.


Callisto Staking
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Earn CLO with Guarda Wallet and Callisto Network Bounty

We have quite a story of working together with Callisto. Check out all the great materials we have released together overtime!  Now, our teams join the efforts to bring you all something exciting. To promote the adoption of CLO and Cold Staking, bring more knowledge about the projects and spread the word out there, we are giving away a total of 1000000 coins to 3925 lucky giveaway winners! The bounty will be conducted in three waves, all of them having increasing prizes in CLO – don’t miss out! (more…)

Create a Reddcoin Wallet
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How to Create a Reddcoin Wallet | Step-by-step Guide

Are you looking for the best Reddcoin wallet on the market? We are sorry but is not like ‘one size fits all’. In a huge selection of wallets, you should aim to find the one that will suit you and only you perfectly. Guarda, one of the best non-custodial wallets provider, knows what important features should be present in your cryptocurrency storage. Creating a Reddcoin wallet has never been easier — on Guarda you can do it in just 4 steps. This all-embracing instruction will guide you through the vast amount of information to show you how to look for a proper RDD wallet and how to set it up whenever and wherever you want!


BEP-2 Token Wallet
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BEP-2 Token Wallet Guide | How to Store Binance Chain Tokens

Have you been searching on the Internet to find a secure and reliable wallet for BEP-2 tokens? Have you scrolled through dozens of articles and still have not got your answers?

Being the world’s leading provider of non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, Guarda knows how to keep pace with the times. After reading these detailed and clear instructions, you will know how to choose a proper storage for your digital assets and set it up in just a few steps. (more…)

Best Tether USDT wallet
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Best Tether Wallet | Top USDT Wallets Review

Tether (USDT) is the USD-pegged stablecoin issued by Tether on the Tron network and considered to be the most popular and widely used stablecoin in the world. If you haven’t heard of stablecoins as a class of assets before, here’s the deal: it is a cryptocurrency which has its value pegged to a fiat currency. This gives its users both the flexibility of digital assets and the stability of the US dollar which is not so typical of most cryptos. Stablecoins allow you to mimic the function of cash within the crypto ecosystem. (more…)

Best Tron TRX wallets
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Best Tron Wallet | Top TRX Wallets Review

Founded by prominent entrepreneur Justin Sun, TRON Network is an ambitious project which aims to build the future of the truly decentralized Internet and global free content entertainment system that uses blockchain technology. The digital currency we are going to cover is of the same name and is denoted TRX. Apart from its crypto functions, Tron can be used in the TRON network to vote for super representatives and obtain bandwidth. (more…)