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How to get Bitcoin SV for the BCH I had before the hard fork?

Every time a hard fork happens, the world around cryptocurrency holders gets a little bit more confusing. This time, after a November 15th Bitcoin Cash hard fork, it surely happened too. Guarda is here to help you untangle from occurring questions and make sense of all your post-fork wallet activity. The situation that we are going to talk about is:

“I have BCH in my Guarda wallet that I got before the fork. How can I see my Bitcoin Cash SV?” (more…)

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is about to happen. We all sure know that the cryptocurrency world is in constant development. Programmers and foundations strive to achieve the best results to make their blockchains meet the standards of the most demanding communities. Upgrades mean development and Guarda thinks that all the upgrades are for the best. (more…)

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Free of fees: what do you pay for using a crypto wallet

Little in this world is given free of charge – and the world of cryptocurrency wallets is not an exception: if you own tokens and a crypto wallet, you face different kinds of fees. The problem is sometimes to understand what you are paying exactly for and not to pay more than necessary. Here are some tips for you if you would like to know what kinds of fees exist when it comes to a crypto wallet, how big they can be and how you can minimize them.