Guarda Zcash Wallet is now on Google Play with the full functionality!

Our team is proud to announce that Guarda Zcash light wallet for Android has been released with the full wallet functionality.

Guarda has received a grant from Zcash foundation to develop an Android light wallet app for ZEC. Several months of teamwork and great impact of community feedback gave the results — Guarda Zcash Wallet is now on Google Play!

Guarda Zcash Wallet main features:

  • Consistent and simple design — Hallmark of Guarda apps
  • No registration needed — Start using your ZEC wallet right after the installation
  • Full user-control of private keys and assets
  • ZEC purchase with a bank card
  • Built-in exchange with dozens of coins and tokens
  • The application is secured by the personal PIN

The app provides an innovative easy-to-use interface to interact with Zcash Blockchain. ZEC wallet allows to easily manage the assets, view the transactions history and check the actual balance. Even more, the application supports Zcash purchase and exchange right within the app.

Unlike some other wallets, Guarda doesn’t store any user information, wallet data, private keys or funds. Using Guarda light wallets you can be sure that you are the only person who has the access to your wallet and assets. You may also set a PIN-code to secure the access to the application on your mobile phone.

At the moment our Zcash wallet is released with T-addresses support and we are working on Z-addresses implementation. We welcome you to join our discussion on GitHub and express your thoughts

Time to easily manage your ZEC, staying in full control of your private keys and funds!

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