Private key security tips for Guarda wallets users

Guarda strives to enhance our customer’s security and crypto-experience by providing highly anonymous and secured blockchain infrastructure solutions. Unlike many other wallets available on the Net, Guarda doesn’t store any user information, wallet data or private keys.

Our Team provides full user-control of private keys and assets. With Guarda wallet, you may be sure that you are the only person who is able to manage your private key and funds.

What is actually a private key? Simply put, the private key is much like the unique password, which provides the access to your wallet and assets. Your private key is stored in the mobile device secure memory and deletes itself if you log out from the wallet.

In case you ever need to restore the access to your wallet or funds, you certainly need to have a Backup of your private key. You can also use the backup to recover your wallet if your device is stolen or damaged. If you lose your private key, you will lose the ability to restore your wallet in case something happens to it. In this case, nobody would be able to help you, as you are the only person, who has the access to your private keys and funds.

Here are some tips on how to make a backup of the private key in Guarda mobile wallets.

All our applications provide you an easy-to-use interface to backup your wallet. Guarda strongly recommends you to make a copy of your private key just after the wallet creation.

When you create a wallet in Guarda application, you will see a notification to back up your private key. The tips are given in the example of Guarda Ethreum Wallet application screens, but the whole pool of Guarda applications has almost the same interface.

You can find your private key in the Backup option in the application main menu.

You may either write you private key down on a sheet of paper or make a copy of it and keep it safely stored somewhere you prefer. It is not recommended to take a screenshot or picture of your backup phrase as it is not secure.

Never share your backup phrase with anyone, otherwise, you will give somebody the access to your funds.

Even more, all Guarda wallet applications give you an ability to secure the access to your wallet application by setting a PIN-code. Please note that this password will only protect your wallet application from third-party access on your mobile phone, but it’s not related to your private key, which gives you the access to your funds. You may set a PIN-code in the application settings (Android/iOS).

There are different ways to recover your wallet from a Backup. Stay in touch with our blog news and soon we will tell you how to easily manage all of them.

Make a Backup of your private key and stay in full control of your assets with highly secured Guarda mobile wallets!