BREAKING: Guarda Ethereum Wallet is now on AppStore!

Guarda team has achieved an important goal in our roadmap — Guarda Ethereum Wallet is our first application available on AppStore!

Guarda Ethereum Wallet main features:

  • Consistent and simple design — Hallmark of Guarda apps
  • No registration needed — Start using your ETH wallet right after the installation
  • Full user-control of private keys and assets
  • ERC20 tokens support — Manage more than 240 tokens in one app
  • Supporting GAS limit and Fee transaction modes
  • Ethereum purchase with a bank card
  • Built-in exchange
  • The application is secured by personal PIN

The app provides you an innovative easy-to-use interface to interact with Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum wallet allows you to easily manage your assets, view the transactions history and check the actual balance. Even more, it supports ETH purchase with a bank card and has a built-in exchange with a dozen of altcoins.

Guarda delivers you highly secure and handy solution to manage ERC20 tokens all in one application. Unlike many other wallets available on the Net, our token list constantly updates to provide you a wide range of tokens. At the moment our ETH wallet supports more than 240 ERC20 tokens.

With Guarda Ethereum wallet you may set up your own transaction parameters. There are two ways of transactions mode: the payment will be implemented through either GAS mode embedded in Ethereum blockchain or a flat fee. The transactions are made using different blockchain addresses, including IBAN.

Using Guarda light wallets you can be sure that you are the only person who is able to manage your private key and assets.

Enjoy Guarda Ethereum Wallet staying in the full control of your private keys!