Guarda launches Bitcoin Cash light wallet application

Guarda team is always looking for ways to empower our users to interact with the digital currency by providing highly secure solutions. We have found out the growing demand for Bitcoin Cash and decided to add it to the pool of our Android light wallet applications to fulfill the needs and meet the requirements of community members.

We have launched our new light wallet application for Bitcoin Cash with a full suite of Guarda wallets options! It’s now available on Google Play.

With Guarda Bitcoin Cash, you can easily store and manage your BCH, view your address, check the actual balance and transaction history. Even more, you may purchase BCH coins with a banking card and swap it with dozens of altcoins using in-app Exchange service.

Guarda Bitcoin Cash wallet allows you to claim your BCH coins after the fork using your origin BTC wallet private key if you haven’t done it yet!

Unlike many other wallets, Guarda doesn’t store any user information, wallet data, private keys or funds. Using Guarda light wallets you can be sure that you are the only person who is able to manage your private key and assets.

The Guarda wallet operates with a set of secure blockchain nodes to guarantee the stability of the system performance. The minor app features also add up to the safety, such as the option to set up a password within the app.

Time to easily manage your BCH, staying in full control of your private keys and funds!

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