Guarda launches the next light wallet that supports Bitcoin

Guarda, the light wallet, continues to grow as the team keeps delivering new products to the market. The latest one, the Bitcoin wallet, comes with the same features that the Guarda team introduced before.

A crucial player on the crypto-market – Bitcoin – is finally available for the Guarda users for storage in the app. The wallet is known for its security, as the user’s private key is kept secure, stored in the Android key storage and not transmitted away from the wallet itself.

Guarda Bitcoin Wallet provides you an intuitive interface to easily manage, send and receive BTC, view your address and check the actual balance. With Guarda Bitcoin Wallet you are also able to purchase coins with a banking card and use the built-in exchange to swap with a dozen of other altcoins.

Another focus point of the Guarda team is to make the transactions easy and convenient. The transactions are made using different blockchain addresses, including IBAN, and there is a possibility to generate the QR-code automatically or type in the wallet address manually.

The Guarda wallet operates with a set of secure blockchain nodes to guarantee the stability of the system performance. The minor app features also add up to the safety, such as the option to set up a password within the app.

The Bitcoin wallet launch proves that the team of Guarda is responsive to the market demand. The new wallet launch makes a strong base for further launches of Bitcoin fork wallets.