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Why Guarda

Guarda Wallet is a multicurrency non-custodial light wallet. We support the most popular coins and tokens, and Bitcoin SV is one of them! It is easy to use, you don’t even need to create an account and you can feel secure about your coin – we don’t store any of the user’s personal data. Guarda was designed as an interface where clients can manage, store, transfer and receive coins and tokens.

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What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV, or BSV, is a cryptocurrency that appeared after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork in 2018. The idea of BSV, however, was introduced a little bit prior to the fork itself – in summer of the same year. During the radical upgrade, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain has split into two coins, named Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. SV, by the way, stands for Satoshi’s Vision, as the developers of the coin pride themselves as the true followers of Nakamoto’s ideas behind Bitcoin. BSV cryptocurrency exists to bring decentralisation, using cryptocurrency as a payment method and more network capacity to the world – the values that are believed to be the original starting point of BTC.

During the fork process, the mining powers of both BSV and BCHABC were fully dedicated to the BCH network, so a major decline in Bitcoin price followed shortly after the upgrade.

The events of the split are known as Bitcoin Cash Hash War in the community.

Now, you can buy BSV on all the major exchanges and inside your Guarda cryptocurrency wallet.


Is It Secure?

In the current volatile market, BSV is quite a safe cryptocurrency bet. However, even with the most secure of coins, you need to think of safe storage. Guarda Wallet is a great way to store your BSV – our wallet is non-custodial and lightweight, meaning that you are always in charge of your private keys and funds. Besides, Guarda was one of the first wallets to support Bitcoin SV, gaining trust among the community.

You should know

  1. BSV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash, created in 2018
  2. The fork was accompanied by a civil war between BSV and BCHABC
  3. Bitcoin SV aims at minimising transaction costs
  4. The block size of BSV is 128MB – opposed to 32MB of the original BCH

How to Exchange BSV on Guarda

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